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street safety

street safety The need for precautions doesn't change when you move outdoors. Whether you're lighting your patio for a party, cleaning gutters or windows, driving on a road lined with overhead power lines, or walking past a utility pole, the risk of being hurt by electricity exists. To stay safe:

Never go near or touch a fallen power line or other damaged electrical equipment.
If you see a downed power line or any other unsafe electrical condition, call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) immediately.
Stay away from transmission line towers, utility poles, substation fences, and any other facility marked with "Danger, High Voltage" signs.
Ladders create special hazards when placed near electricity. If you must work near overhead wires, stay back at least 10 feet, use only a fiberglass or wooden ladder, and DO NOT let the ladder come in contact with the wires. NEVER use a metal ladder near overhead lines.
If the ladder starts to fall into an overhead line, let it fall. If this happens, call 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633) immediately.
Before using any electrical product outdoors, be sure that it is intended for outdoor use.
The only extension cords that should be used are those marked "for outdoor use."
Never use outdoor portable electrical appliances or tools while you are wet or close to water. If an electrical product falls into water, make sure you are dry and not in contact with water or metal surfaces. Then unplug it immediately or shut off the power at the circuit breaker. Do not attempt to remove it from the water.
Keep outdoor outlets covered and dry between uses.
Keep balloons, especially metallic ones, away from overhead power lines.
Fly kites in open areas away from overhead power lines.
If you are inside a car hit by a power line, stay in the car. The rubber tires will provide the protective insulation you need. Honk your horn for help, but tell nonemergency people to stay away from the car.



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