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our employees' safety

our employees' safety
You can help Con Edison employees by keeping us in mind when you tend to your home and yard.

When you're cutting back bushes, trees, or weeds, please trim the foliage around the outdoor meter. This will help us find and read the meter easily, and make it safer for us by keeping branches from snapping back and hitting us when we're trying to get the reading.
Removing any dead branches and wet leaves on the path leading to the meter will also help us avoid slips, trips, or falls.
Remove your pet during the meter reader's visit. Make sure it cannot leave the yard, escape from a leash, or squeeze through a slightly open door.

your security

All of our employees carry a photo I.D. card. Don't open your door until you see it! If you have any doubt, please call the number on your Con Edison bill to get verification or call the police at 911.



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